Help Your Child Fight Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a condition, where your body carries out hormonal response against an unfriendly situation. It is not always harmful. It prepares the mind for either, ‘fight or flight’. Students who are able to counter it, come out as an excellent winner. Sometimes, this hormonal discharge surpasses the optimal threshold and causes dreadful feelings. These feelings appear when the child is unable to fight back in an optimistic way. The actual trouble arises when the stressful entity begins to hover around the child. In such situation, a child finds it hard to get through and loses his main aim.

If you notice some unusual habits or activities developing in your child, then you must help him/her to cope with stress. We have mentioned some signs that can help you figure out if your child is showing some symptoms of stress. It is a must to study your child’s behavior carefully. Do not make any hasty conclusion until you have observed a group of symptoms simultaneously over a period of time. Stress management starts right from identifying the signs and symptoms in the child.

Once you have found that your child is stressed, you should plan on helping him/her out, here are a few ways that can help you do that –

Spend quality time – Stress can germinate from the feeling of being neglected. Children may hesitate to approach when parents are busy in their own work all the time. It may look difficult to go out, play, sit back and talk for hours after a tiring day at the office, but spending time with kids gives a feeling of security and concern to them. Listening to their activities at school helps to chalk out a better plan of indulgence for them.

Create a positive environment – A stressed person gets entrapped in negative thoughts. It may get exacerbated and give rise to depression and withdrawal from love and fun. In extream cases, children can also develop suicidal tendencies. In such a scenario, parents should accept the flaws and help the child in rectifying. Criticism should be taken over by understanding and support. Parents should inculcate the spirit of confidence. They should motivate their kids and teach them to stand over again after any fall or fail.

Group activities – Pamper your child by participating in their daily activities. Help them in their studies, play with them, take them for outings, organize a get together for their friends at home, etc. If your child is facing problem in performing well for the upcoming sports event, join them. Even if you cannot participate, be a spectator and cheer them up throughout the practice sessions. A caring and loving parent can help them more than any medical help.

Healthy from within – As mentioned, a child under stress tends to skip meals and that can cause health issues. It can deteriorate their health. A proper watch should be kept on their eating habits. Make sure to serve them healthy food that keeps the mind active and body energetic.

Share stories – Bedtime stories take a child to the dreamland. Similarly, stories of great warriors or cases of common people who achieved victory after several defeats act as a catalyst in keeping their morale high. They learn the theory of ‘never give up’ and that boosts their conviction.

We hope these simple points from Vedantu along with parental support can pull out your child from the stressful situation. Remember, stress is not a disease, it’s the way of your body to show that things are going out of reach, hurry up and nip the stress in the bud!

Video Solutions to Last 5-Yr Question Papers Launched

With board exams just around the corner, the most popular suggestions coming from all the academician is to go through some sample papers, attempt mock tests and solve question papers of last 5 years. But, who has time to search for all these papers at this busy time.

Vedantu brings to you question-by-question video solution for previous 5 years question papers for Mathematics and all the science subjects i.e. – Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

We have created a bundle of question papers for each subject in class X & class XII.

Question Papers

Once you click on any of the question paper bundles, on your left, you can see a drop down button that gives you the option to choose for a specific year. If you like, you can also go ahead with a shuffled list of mixed questions from all the years.


Right below the year dropdown, you can see the ‘Choose Topics.’ You can either see the mix of video solutions for all the topics of the subject or choose a specific topic from the ‘Choose Topic’ section.


Here are the most searched solved question papers from Last 5 years (2011 – 2015)  

CBSE Mathematics (X)                                            CBSE Mathematics XII

CBSE Chemistry (X)                                                 CBSE Chemistry XII

CBSE Physics (X)                                                      CBSE Physics (XII)

CBSE Biology (X)                                                      CBSE Biology (XII)



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Is Food Important In a Student’s Success Story?

We are sure, you keep everything prepared that can help your child to shine out in the examinations, but something always curtails his best possible achievement. Does it always bother you and your child that how his fellow classmates manage to excel? Your child must have done all his/her preparation, but have you contributed rightly? They say that food plays an important role in physical and mental health. It is important to watch out what you serve on the plate.

Food is for the body, but healthy food is both for body and mind

We will here enlist a few food sources that are essential for mental exercise and help you to improve kid’s performance.

Bowl full of grains

Whole Grains

It is important to keep the body active and energetic. The right choice of grain generates the full amount of energy for better performance. Eating more of refined cereals leads to fatigue and lethargy. Switch to preparation with whole grains for the same meal. It has a reversal action that increases the concentration and focus. It helps in improving memory function as well.

Drink enough water

Drinking water

Water hydrates the brain. Advise students to drink 7-8 glasses full of water in a day to have a healthy glow and cool mind. A dehydrated brain can cause headaches, loss of focus and mood swings.

Go nuts!

healthy Nuts-1030428_960_720

Nuts are a good source of essential fatty acids, as well as iron. Iron increase the binding of oxygen with hemoglobin and thus provide sufficient oxygen to the brain to perform. Nuts like almond, walnut and pistachios help in enhancing alertness. They are also a good source of vitamin E, which is important for glowing skin and delays ageing.

Veggie affair

cooked veggies

It has been seen that dark green leafy vegetable stays longer in the stomach and subsequently satisfies the hunger. They are a good vegetarian substitute for fish for obtaining omega-3 fatty acid.

A neurological study has found that people consuming spinach in their daily diet have a better focus  than their mates. A folic acid source; Spinach has a unique property of reversing the memory loss. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, etc. also improve the gut motility and thus regulates the bowel functionality of your system.

Love for dark chocolates


Dark chocolates release pleasure in the mouth and antioxidants in the blood. Antioxidants fight against free radicals, which are destructive elements to the brain and other vital organ activity. Ultimately, it increases the alertness, clarity in perception and improves blood flow.

Feed on fish


Fish is a brain food. It is a must-have component in a student’s diet. It provides proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids and rare minerals like zinc. Most importantly, it lowers the risk of dementia (memory loss). It additionally augments the mental fitness for effective and efficient studies.

Fruit punch


Fruits are rich sources of important vitamins (including A, B, C, and D) Fruits from the berry family (like blueberry, tomatoes, strawberry, cranberries, black currant, grapes, etc.) makes up for the free radical damage in the brain. In particular, they decline the risk of Alzheimer’s syndrome (Permanent short-term memory loss with advancing age). They also promote recalling power and concentration.

Adding all these superfoods in your diet will definitely add to your hard work and will reproduce in the results. Eating the right food will enhance the function of  the brain and greases the neural system. When you study & revise perfectly,  it becomes mandatory to retain and produce the same on the examination sheets. So, eat to live and eat right to succeed!

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How Can You Help Your Students be Exam Ready?

Year tab on the calendar has already moved on and the cold air has started warming up a little. Suddenly there is a buildup of a dreadful, irky and gloomy environ around our students’ minds in the preview of examinations.

Let’s get along and help clear this stress and darkness around their minds to let them excel in the exams.

Below are some points we must take care to help students walk towards the path of success without being overburdened with tasks and preparatory jitters.

1 – Assess the academic weak areas of your students and take sessions to improve. Conducting tests, evaluating carefully and providing constructive feedback are the key. Keep the parents informed about ward’s progress.

Weak Link

2- Revision plays an important role during this period, keep enough time for recapitulatory classes and don’t forget to share your own tips & tricks to revise quickly.


3- Discuss the blueprint and marking scheme with your students. Many a time students do not answer as per marks allotted for question, awareness will surely improve the performance.


4- Do emphasize on exam and study planning, this would definitely help them be more prepared and confident of their preparation for the D-day. Don’t forget to mention the importance of double-checking attempted answers.

Exam study plan

5- Encourage your students to attempt mock tests within the stipulated time, this would help them introspect their preparedness. Sample papers will be shared with you for CBSE and ICSE classes 6 to 10, feel free to share these with your students.

mock test

6- Involve & educate parents. In many a cases, parents add on to the pressure the child is going through. Help them understand their children are already on the course to reach their potential and they should support them in reaching the pinnacle.

Involve Parents in education

We are sure, you are already preparing your students for the upcoming examinations full-throttle and these tiny tips will come handy to you.

Happy teaching and exam preparation!

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Top 5 Resolutions Student Should Pick Up this Year

New Year is approaching and the first thing asked on the New Year is your resolution for the year. If you’ve still not chosen your New Year resolution, you are at perfect place. We have listed here Top 5 resolutions for a student. We hope you’ll find them handy in choosing yours.

1- Be more organized

Stay Organized.gifTake the resolution to be more organized. More organized in your daily dealing, more organized with your homework and more organized with your closet. Make your study and day’s schedules and stick to them.

2- Stop procrastinating


We all procrastinate, try saying no to procrastination this year. Make sure you ‘Just Do It’ than looking for a ‘good’ day to start doing it. Start your day by making the ‘To Do’ list for the day and make sure you strike the list as the day passes by.

3- Choose to be healthy

Eat healthy.gif

Had enough of ‘junk food’ last year? Make sure you resolve to say ‘No’ to junk food this year. Eating healthy food keeps your mind fresh and helps you concentrate better.

4-Take a break from social media


Last year you gained a lot of followers on your twitter account? This year, go slow. Social media is becoming a distraction day by day. Most students spend a lot of time on social media, which hampers their concentration and performance in long run. Keep a check on your time devoted for social media this year and see the improvement in your grades.

5- Take up a hobby and nail it!


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you were engrossed too much into the work last year, take up a hobby or extra-curricular activity and resolve to stick to it year-long. Hobbies make you relax a bit in the regular & monotonous schedule. This, not only makes you concentrate better in your curricular activities but also makes you learn a new thing.

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Work Hard and Work Smart!

Hard work is the golden path to success, and that is no exaggeration. Hard work is also the most powerful tool that one can use, to become successful. It can stand head and shoulders above even luck and intelligence.

Hard work is especially important for young children. Young minds find everything fascinating! Be it the colors of the rainbow or the reason behind 1 + 1 = 2. It will surprise you to know that these questions are worked on, by scientists and mathematicians, day and night. Such work is “hard work”, and only such commitment will be able to produce Einsteins and Newtons. Or, for that matter, even a Mark Zuckerberg or Narayana Murthy.

The virtue of hard work is subjective. What our parents called hard work, might not be enough for us today, or it might be too redundant for us. For instance, hard work in our parents’ age meant sifting through thick volumes so as to write an essay. These days, such vast knowledge is available on the internet, with just a few clicks. Besides, it will take only a fraction of the time that our parents might have taken, a generation ago!

Parents and teachers are often guilty of pressurizing children to work hard. Poor grades are seen as the result of laggard work. So, children are forced to put in many hours at the study table, in order to “study harder”. This does two things: it makes the child feel his or her effort was worthless and drains him or her mentally and physically.

Instead of forcing children to slog it out at their desks, we must encourage children to study hard while studying smart! What does it mean to study smart? It means to study for less time, but to study effectively.

Smart work

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Here are some great tips to study smart:

Understand the big picture – then, the small details will make more sense. Look at lessons on the world war through a wide lens, understand its effects, the circumstances of its breaking out; then the minor details of the war will make more sense, and you’ll easily be able to recollect it in the exam hall!

Smaller hacks:

When you study something new, teach it to someone. Teaching a subject imprints the subject matter in your mind. No wonder our teachers are so good at the subjects they teach, eh?

Use imagery when studying. For instance, imagine people talking to each other in the ‘Christmas Carol’ play, imagine blocks arranging themselves to understand geometry.


(image source –

Make mind maps, flowcharts that help in interconnecting topics. When you interlink parts of a subject, it becomes an easily digestible organic whole. That will make you a master of that subject!

Don’t spend too much time studying before exams – it will stress you out. Instead, study regularly. Have a timetable and follow it religiously. At the same time, ensure that your timetable is actually workable. It must be easy to follow. Give yourself time to play, time to read storybooks, time to watch a good movie, etc.


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Last, but not the least, never give up. To quote Babe Ruth, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up!”

Hard work is not hard, it’s a methodical way of approaching a problem. Hard work may be confused with long hours spent with books. Hard work, however, is a magical mixture of working smartly and being disciplined to the point of perfecting your skills through practice!

To conclude, always remember, “There is no substitute for hard work.” – Thomas Edison

How to Make Your Homework Less Boring

Time spent in school with friends is well spent. Once we leave school and reach home, we bring loads of work to drop-off our pleasure. We find doing homework as the dullest and tiring task of the day. It keeps us away from our loved ones and all the fun activities. Have we ever thought of converting this dull and boring act into a jubilant one! A smart move can cut his load and at the same time helps in improving grades. Looks like a bonanza!

We helped Alia to win over this.

Let’s find out those magical steps that can change our nightmare into a golden dream.

It takes two to tango

family study time

Sitting alone and gazing in the books is the depressing thing for Alia. She used to open books and end up dreaming about those ice cream parlors and fun rides. The clock goes round and round and she is left with less time to study and almost no time to play. It is well said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Sitting with parents and older siblings keep us motivated and centered. They turn out to be the quick and easy access to our difficulties. This united participation makes the surrounding cheerful and enchanted. At the same moment, it creates a friendly bond among the family.

Work like a warrior

Work like warrior

It is wise to keep things at hand. It takes a lot of time in digging through the satchel and shelves in search of things. Giving a few minutes at the beginning to organize the tools that we may need in between the work, saves us from wasting a big amount of time later. It also keeps Alia away from momentary distractions. This early practice pays a lot in life and brings out a winner. Organization is the skill that is seen in most of the successful persons.

Medicine of music

music medicine

After all the tedious work in the school, Writing looks like a tiring and exhausting job for both mind and body. Alia adopted the theory of music in sync with the theories of physics and history. Bob Marley has a statement to share, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Just to keep in mind that overdose of anything can do less good and more harm.

Make use of technology


Many people may have contrary views in using gadgets while studying, but instead of avoidance we should make good use of them. In the era of advancing science and technology, We cannot keep ourselves deprived of it. Ever since a person brings the gadgets in good use, it will make the best of it forever. Whenever Alia finds things difficult to understand, she switches in the world of internet and in no time, grasps all the things with a clear understanding. In this way, we can connect the text with the virtual world.

Divide and rule

divide n rule

It is the tool that works in almost every situation. By this, we mean segmentation of verbal and written work or taking small breaks in between working on different subjects. (A point to remember – Keep breaks, short and minimal). It rejuvenates the powerhouse of our body and freshen up our thinking process.

Using these simple steps in the routine, everyone can bring the joy of learning in the life. It is easy to run away, but staying and winning over the situation is the best decision taken.

Hope you find it interesting and useful.

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