Vedans with helping hands at Samarthanam

Education surely enlightens human race and encourages them to do more good to the society.

We at Vedantu got a chance to do our bit towards differently-abled people through Samarthanam, a trust working for the disabled in the underserved communities.

Volunteers from Vedantu office left for the Samarthanam school and hostel at HSR Layout, Bangalore with great enthusiasms and all equipped to conduct fun activities and giveaways. The smiles on the faces of school students melted everyone’s heart and we could feel a strong emotional connect with the kids at the very first sight.


Since we were to meet young kids, we carried with us some crayons and white sheet to see some colorful kiddie magic flowing on them. Trust us, we all were awestruck seeing the excitement and creativity among the kids.

Many of the students we met were hostel residents and for a variety of unfortunate reasons, were either disowned or abandoned by their families. Vedans made it a point to spend some quality time with the kids to spread the joy and warmth that each of us carried along.

We also made it a point to teach them the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We taught them the right ways to wash hands and the underlying importance.

It was a time well spent and fun and frolic made in right senses. We all enjoyed dancing, singing and playing together.

Although none of us was feeling to come back, but we took a heartfelt leave from the school after donating little somethings that we could gather for the kids. Of course, this short-stay touched our hearts and compelled each one of us to praise the good things life has showered upon us.

We Vedans look forward to many more such activities in future where we can really give back to the society in some or other ways.