Video Solutions to Last 5-Yr Question Papers Launched

With board exams just around the corner, the most popular suggestions coming from all the academician is to go through some sample papers, attempt mock tests and solve question papers of last 5 years. But, who has time to search for all these papers at this busy time.

Vedantu brings to you question-by-question video solution for previous 5 years question papers for Mathematics and all the science subjects i.e. – Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

We have created a bundle of question papers for each subject in class X & class XII.

Question Papers

Once you click on any of the question paper bundles, on your left, you can see a drop down button that gives you the option to choose for a specific year. If you like, you can also go ahead with a shuffled list of mixed questions from all the years.


Right below the year dropdown, you can see the ‘Choose Topics.’ You can either see the mix of video solutions for all the topics of the subject or choose a specific topic from the ‘Choose Topic’ section.


Here are the most searched solved question papers from Last 5 years (2011 – 2015)  

CBSE Mathematics (X)                                            CBSE Mathematics XII

CBSE Chemistry (X)                                                 CBSE Chemistry XII

CBSE Physics (X)                                                      CBSE Physics (XII)

CBSE Biology (X)                                                      CBSE Biology (XII)



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