Q4′ 2015 Acheivement Celebrations

Remember our last post on town hall a couple of months back on completion of 10,000 hours of LIVE learning?

We have grown from some 50 odd Vedans at that time to a grand 150 now. The town hall celebration also increased its grandeur multifold to keep the ‘Happiness Quotient’ high. Recently we, all Vedans, celebrated our achievements so far and revisited our aim, vision and way ahead.


South Indian it was. What fun! Vedans enthusiastically participated and wore some of the typical south Indian attire. It was real fun to watch guys walking in baby-steps watching their dhoti, etc. 😛


The event began with a thank you address from our CEO, Vamsi Krishan, for the achievements done so far to the Vedans. It moved towards revisiting our vision, aim, and goals. Also, every Vedan understood the relevance of organizational OKRs and pledged to align him/herself with it.


Do we really have to say something about it? Well, let me wrap up everything in one word – Awesome!

Once again Vedantu kept the promise of keeping up the ‘Happiness Quotient’ pumped up for Vedans.