10 Exams You Shouldn’t Miss in School (Part 1)


Although the thought of exams sends chills down the spine of anyone, but there are a few exams conducted by some of the premier institutes that are quite beneficial for your career ahead. These are the exams that not only help you sharpen up your brain and aptitudinal skills, but some of these also get you scholarships for financially aiding your studies. You, as a student, should start learning in a way that not only get you marks in your academic examinations, but help you gain skills and apply your learnings to everyday life and excel in application-based examinations.



Started by prestigious NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training), National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is especially conducted for class 9th students. The exam aims at assessing and awarding the students with high intellect and academic talent. The Exam can be taken in two of the most popular languages in Indian Schools – Hind & English. The Exam is conducted in two stages, first is mostly in the month of November at the state level and second at national-level in the month of May.

2- PSA


PSA is commonly known as Problem Solving Assessment test and is conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). The exam aims at developing practical and application-based knowledge, and assessing problem solving and analytical skills. Launched as an optional exam in 2012, today PSA is a compulsory examination for students of Class 9th and Class 11th. The exam not only enhances the aptitudinal skills, but the marks obtained are also counted in the third and fourth formative assessments for the students. The 90 marks examination comprises of three main sections ‘Qualitative,’ ‘Quantitative,’ and ‘Language conventions’ and it can be taken in English or Hindi Language. PSA exam is compulsory ONLY for CBSE board students.

3- IMO


International Mathematics Olympiad is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), New Delhi. The organization conducts this examination to encourage math skills in India and abroad. The examination is open to the students of classes 1 to 12 studying in CBSE, ICSE or any other board. However there is a catch, students can only register for examination through the school and not individually. The exam can only be taken in English language and is conducted at various levels. Level 1 is conducted in the school and comprises of 50 multiple choice questions for students of class 5th to 12th. If the student excels in level 1, he/she can take up next exams at the city, state and international levels. Students are awarded cash prizes, medals, gifts and certificates based on the ranking at various levels.

4- NSO


National Science Olympiad is organized by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), New Delhi. The exam aims at instilling analytical thinking for the various science subject. The exam has three sections – mental ability, science and achiever’s section for students in grades 1-10; and physics/chemistry, achiever’s section, and mathematics/biology for students of class 11th and 12th. The syllabus of the NSO exam is as prescribed by the CBSE, ICSE, and various other state boards. Same as the IMO examination, the first-level exam takes place in school. Based on student’s performance in level 1, he/she can appear for city, state or national level. Students are suitably awarded based on their international, state and school rankings. The exam usually takes place in the month of November.

5- ZIO


The Zonal Informatics Olympiad is organized by Indian Association for Research in Computing Science, Chennai. The exam is open to students in classes 8th to 12th and is administrated as a computerized test. The exam aims at selecting meritorious students to represent India at International Olympiad for Informatics. ZIO is the first stage of this selection process. The second stage includes programming on a computer during Indian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI). During the third stage, approx. thirty top-performing students in the INOI are selected for International Olympiad in Informatics Training Camp (IOITC). At IOITC, the selected students undergo a fortnight-long training camp, which trains them to represent India during the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). For the exam which is usually conducted in the month of November, a student can register as an individual or participate from the school.

To be continued…..