What to Expect on Your First Day

Tomorrow is the first day with a new organisation, and I carry a lot of dreams with me. The dreams to flourish with prosperity & growth.

But still there are a lot of questions unanswered : How is the culture of the company, what are the people like, who will be my boss & how is he as a person, what will be my roles & responsibilities? Is there a friendly environment, do people respect each other’s thought process & welcome the differences? We are sure that all of us have been through such anxieties on our first day with any organisation.

Then, why not design an orientation program that is welcoming, that reinforces a newcomer’s belief that she/he has taken a correct career decision of choosing the organisation?

We a Vedantu believe the orientation process should be designed to cater one simple need for the employees– “I want to belong to.”  

For us, the orientation process starts way before the employee joins in. we feel, that it’s essential to share a regular update regarding the business via emails, company newsletters, etc. Also, once the offer letter is accepted, within the first 24 hours, the new employee’s manager should call, congratulate & welcome the new team member and send some sort of personalised goodies, which the manager should have enquired during the interview. (For ex.: Kindle for those who are fond of reading). This will not only surprise the newcomer but will also show a lot of personalised attention. Also, the appointment letter & the other written formalities should be sent via email, to not only save the time post joining, but also the boredom attached to it.

Be ready to make the first day as the most seamless and most memorable day for a newcomer: (the first & the last day of any employee creates the brand of any organisation)

To create a collaborative, fast-paced, innovative & fun culture – educate the newcomer with the vision & history of the company. Develop short stories about the core values of the company and help the newcomer to participate through some interesting games & quizzes about the cultural pillars of the company.

Run him/her through the various departments & the organisational hierarchical chart. Make him/her understand the cutting-edge technologies (in the case of a tech company) that are essentially being used in the organisation.

Each new member’s immediate team lead should be his/her mentor for the coming week. The lead should take complete responsibility to mentor him/her to achieve great clarity and results. The HR should present him/her a welcome kit, comprising of customised company products like a diary, bag, pen, t-shirt, etc. Assist him/her in adjusting & resolve any questions or concerns in an informal environment. Also, help him/her define the goals & development plans. The HR should take a regular feedback from the newcomer.

Capture the voice of the new joinee & analyse it at regular intervals to initiate process improvements.

  • Day 1: Take a feedback to understand the onboarding experience of the employee ( about his comfort level)
  • Day 7 : take a feedback with the aim to understand how well has the employee settled in the organization.
  • Day 15 : This feedback would allow you to understand – how well the employee understands the overall functioning of the organization and how will he/she like to execute his/her KRAs
  • Day 30 : The employee completely settles in the organization. A feedback at this point takes input on work environment, supervisor, communication & work culture.

At Vedantu we think, if we can act robust and pro-active, we can gauge a lot of openness, alignment & innovation in organizational culture. We constantly strive to achieve healthy work-life balance for all Vedans and are very sure your comments would help us do something even better. Do comment your suggestions.



This post is contributed by Garima Bhandari

Garima Bhandari  is working as Manager – HR & People Strategy at Vedantu and strongly believes in nurturing leaders to create a strong organizational culture. During her free time, she likes to read and hone her blogging skills.

Q4′ 2015 Acheivement Celebrations

Remember our last post on town hall a couple of months back on completion of 10,000 hours of LIVE learning?

We have grown from some 50 odd Vedans at that time to a grand 150 now. The town hall celebration also increased its grandeur multifold to keep the ‘Happiness Quotient’ high. Recently we, all Vedans, celebrated our achievements so far and revisited our aim, vision and way ahead.


South Indian it was. What fun! Vedans enthusiastically participated and wore some of the typical south Indian attire. It was real fun to watch guys walking in baby-steps watching their dhoti, etc. 😛


The event began with a thank you address from our CEO, Vamsi Krishan, for the achievements done so far to the Vedans. It moved towards revisiting our vision, aim, and goals. Also, every Vedan understood the relevance of organizational OKRs and pledged to align him/herself with it.


Do we really have to say something about it? Well, let me wrap up everything in one word – Awesome!

Once again Vedantu kept the promise of keeping up the ‘Happiness Quotient’ pumped up for Vedans.

Vedans with helping hands at Samarthanam

Education surely enlightens human race and encourages them to do more good to the society.

We at Vedantu got a chance to do our bit towards differently-abled people through Samarthanam, a trust working for the disabled in the underserved communities.

Volunteers from Vedantu office left for the Samarthanam school and hostel at HSR Layout, Bangalore with great enthusiasms and all equipped to conduct fun activities and giveaways. The smiles on the faces of school students melted everyone’s heart and we could feel a strong emotional connect with the kids at the very first sight.


Since we were to meet young kids, we carried with us some crayons and white sheet to see some colorful kiddie magic flowing on them. Trust us, we all were awestruck seeing the excitement and creativity among the kids.

Many of the students we met were hostel residents and for a variety of unfortunate reasons, were either disowned or abandoned by their families. Vedans made it a point to spend some quality time with the kids to spread the joy and warmth that each of us carried along.

We also made it a point to teach them the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We taught them the right ways to wash hands and the underlying importance.

It was a time well spent and fun and frolic made in right senses. We all enjoyed dancing, singing and playing together.

Although none of us was feeling to come back, but we took a heartfelt leave from the school after donating little somethings that we could gather for the kids. Of course, this short-stay touched our hearts and compelled each one of us to praise the good things life has showered upon us.

We Vedans look forward to many more such activities in future where we can really give back to the society in some or other ways.

What Happens in Goa Stays in Goa

Although everyone keep repeating the same phrase. We bring you all the insider stories of Vedantu’s first corporate retreat in Goa!!!

Goa trip was long awaited among Vedans as it was also a celebration of 10,000 teaching-learning hours milestone achieved. The journey started with assembling of all excited Vedans at our office complex, from where super fun vroomed off in a Multi-axle, semi-sleeper bus.

bus Journey  On the wayBus FunBus Singing

As the entire gang reached the resort, everyone was relaxed to see the great arrangements done for the arrival of the biggest bunch of vacationers in the resort.

Lotus blooming on the way pool  Resortpool table Resort night

After relaxing for a while and having the much-needed supper to cope-up with the 14-hrs long journey, the beans of team-building event were spilled. We had super talented guys from Mumbai to conduct some really fun and engaging team activities. Here are some pictures from the event (these are just a glimpse of the fun we had at the activities)

teambuildingteambuilding2team building3

WIPwinning teamentire teamteambuilding1

The day ended with a pool volleyball match and a sumptuous dinner that followed.Dinner Dinner1 Pool Party Dinner2

The following two days were a complete treat for everyone with beach trips, scooter rides, tattoos, disco night, beach volleyball matches, shopping, and sightseeing.

beach vollyball team Beach Beach1  First Glimps beach2Shopping  scooter rides shopping1

party1after party

The retreat was a fueling up session for the coming up action on Vedantu. After the retreat, each Vedan is filled with an all new zeal to reach up for the skies!!

10,000 Hours of Teaching-Learning Achieved :)

vedantu_10000-01-01-01-01-01 (1)

On this occasion, let us share a story with you –

The story is about a child who wanted to do something, he had lots of dreams. Dreams to do great things, but he couldn’t figure out how. He simply didn’t know where to start, he saw a lot of challenges and didn’t know how to solve. He stumbles upon a man who hears his story and gives him a solution…”I can help you” he says. “You need guidance, you need someone to show you the way. You need a Teacher”.

And so this man teaches the child where to start, how to go about solving things, educates him of stuff to learn, instill him with essential values and shows him the path to achieve his aim.

The boy who started off as clueless being was now booming with confidence, renewed enthusiasm and sense of direction. Needless to say, he achieves his dreams! That’s what a teacher does!

You must be wondering – Why this story? Well, it’s a story about us – You and Vedantu. Wondering who’s the student…..No, its not You, it’s V the Vedans!!! And you are our teacher!!

What started as an attempt to create a platform where we can connect teachers and students, has come a long way in disrupting the very way in which teaching and learning is perceived. You all have been invaluable contributors in this evolution. And on this occasion let us take the opportunity to thank you, our teacher, without whom nothing would have been possible. – A Big Thank You to All of You!!!

It’s not that we Vedans only work and never party…instead, we work hard and party harder!

Here are a few glimpse of Vedans partying and celebrating the milestone –

Celebration CakeThe After Party Team Party All Night! Co-founders Addressing Vedans 2015-07-17-19-33-42_photo