Learn the way you want – Happy Children’s Day!


Get up, get ready, you’re getting late for school..shouted mom!
Eat up fast, its 7 past.. pack your bags, lets go.. chop chop!
Good morning teacher!… “sit down, open page 73… okay… where were we?
Physics, Maths, Biology, English.. back to back, dammit, I lost the track
Greet, Read , Repeat
is the mantra every day of the week.

Oh! you are back! go on, get some rest
Turn off the television, you need to go for tuitions
Argh! not again, can’t I just take a breath?
No, you have to go, if you want to win this quest
Ok, I’ll go, but I’m not a machine you know…”

Wo wo wo, Wait a minute kid, it doesn’t have to be this way
Imagine if you have the freedom to learn anytime you say
No boundaries or walls, learn from anywhere at all
With a personal teacher, who is more like a friend
The world will be your school and knowledge will have no end

Ok…Who are you? and how can this be??
Its like a dream , Really!
If this is true, whatever you just said
It will be the best thing we kids have ever had

I am just a regular guy who wishes to bring a change
In this boring system which has come to its age
I go by the name ‘vedantu’ they say

Ah! is it NOV 14th?

Happy Children’s Day!! 🙂

Designing the new Vedantu!


Little History

Vedantu has now been around since past few years and has made plethora of products in Edutech domain. From a social network for education, to a full blown LMS, to tablet and mobile apps… we have made them all. But, not being a public product till now, we never really gave a thought on presenting ourselves out there.

Stage 1: Identity Crisis!!

Going public means going in the showcase, people are gonna see you, make judgements about you and try to understand what you stand for. First impression does count a LOT! and we didn’t have one!! This realisation quickly spread as a wave of panic amongst us. We needed a new Identity… like NOW!

Stage 2: Taking a deep breath

‘Calm down!’ we said to ourselves. Contemplating the crisis, we came to know that Its not just about the identity, we needed a whole new design language for the product. And for that, we have to go step by step. So we sat down and planned out a ‘Branding Roadmap’

Stage 3: Full throttle

Ready, get set, GO!!.. we stared out with a brainstorming session on what can be the baseline of our new identity. Stumbling on some random words, idiotic concepts, sci-fi and indian history we finalised few concepts that we could work around.


We tried out some of them to see how they work out


But soon realised that to reach to the mass, we need to follow the good old ‘KISS’ (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule. So we started iterating on some less complex concepts.


Soon, things started to look good. But we needed some proof to see if are going in the right direction. For that, we ran a survey to see how the concept works out for people.


After a lot of reasoning and arguments based on the user’s feedback gathered from the survey, we finally narrowed down on an identity!  Meet the new vedantu :


Stage 4: Deep Dive

Once we were convinced about our Logo, next step was to choose a brand colour. It had to be Young, vibrant, creative and smart. And NOT ‘Blue’ for sure, which dominates 90% of online products. With some research and much contemplation, we found our match in what we call ‘Sunrise Orange’. Here is our colour palette.


Our Primary and secondary typeface.


Stationary Designs and collaterals


We started including the new theme in our UI elements and made a preliminary stylesheet.


Stage 5: The Result


Vedantu is soon launching its first public platform! A Personalised One to One Teaching and Learning tool. We are super excited to showcase this new way of learning and hope that it brings a new wave of revolution in the field of education.