Vedantu Celebrates 1Lac hrs of Live Online Learning


It all starts with a vision

Two years back – with a big vision, a small team in Bangalore had taken it’s first steps. Vision was to democratize learning by connecting a student anywhere in world with a great teacher and make learning a highly personalized experience. We dreamt about a self learning world free from institutional boundaries – a world where a student will be at the center of learning again. Where a teacher will teach according to the need, pace and level of a student. Where learning graduates from being generalized to highly personalized.


Vision without execution is just hallucination!

Live online teaching/learning had not been tried, tested or used when we started. We just took a leap-of-faith! We had no clue if students and teachers will be comfortable learning and teaching in a live online mode. We didn’t know who the teachers will be or will the economics work out!!  At Vedantu, the team had the tall task of quickly answering the leap-of-faith assumptions and also create the most effective teaching learning platform. We re-imagined everything and created the right set of technology from scratch for it to work seamlessly for teachers and students sitting in far flung areas of India and abroad. From those first steps, today we have come a long way in proving that Live Online Teaching Learning can change the face of education for the better.


Today, we celebrate 1 Lac hours of learning on Vedantu.

1 Lac is not just a number. It stands testimony to team’s hard work and deep rooted conviction in the vision Vedantu stands for. It stands testimony to power of personalized learning and goes a long way in proving that teaching learning doesn’t require any boundary. 100000 hours – is just the beginning of a huge revolution.

And it’s a no mean feat!



Heartfelt respect to the new age teachers – Teachers by Choice!

We at Vedantu would like to take this as an opportunity to celebrate 100000 hours of effort that Vedantu teachers have put in. We all show our heartfelt respect to you all – these 100000 hours will go a long way in shaping future of young lives. Many of you come from different walks of life and live in different parts of the world. You are corporate professionals, mothers, college students, professional teachers, travelers – above all spirited individuals who love to share. For many of you, it was your first experience of teaching. We are proud that Vedantu as a platform could give you an opportunity to teach students spread all across the world. We are proud that Vedantu could bring out that teacher hidden in all of us.

Now anyone can teach, everyone can learn 🙂


Miles to go Before I sleep …

We strongly believe that we have started something which has the potential to fundamentally evolve the way students learn and teachers teach in future. We believe this is the start of a new category of Personalized LIVE Online Learning and we will leave no stone unturned to make it happen.

Excited about the journey, excited about the possibilities 🙂


Big Shout out to all Vedantu students and parents

We again thank you for your engagement, continued patronage and placing your trust on a new system. You, being the first few are (and always will be) quite special to us as the early adopters of Vedantu, who shaped it up for what it will be in the future!

We would continue to learn and evolve and we really look up to you guys to guide us with your valuable feedback and inputs.

So here’s to us and the future of education! 


Introducing Choice of Teachers!

It’s been around 6 months and we at Vedantu have seen overwhelming response from Students, Parents and Teachers. It has been a thrilling ride so far and we are ever so pumped about the tremendous potential of disruption in education that lies ahead. It has been our constant endeavour to personalize and democratize learning and today marks a major milestone in this journey.

After days of conceptualising and ideation, weeks of rigorous building and rebuilding, intense testing and prototyping, today, we are rolling out what we believe is by far our biggest step in truly democratizing knowledge.
We are giving more power to both our students and teachers in this feature release. Power of choice to Students – they will now be able to browse awesome teachers on Vedantu, communicate with them to find the best match with their specific learning requirements. Teachers are our superheroes – we are empowering them with tools to manage their students and teaching better! Teachers can now directly communicate with their students on Vedantu, and can schedule and manage their sessions.

Teacher listing and search:


We at Vedantu have a broader vision to democratize knowledge. And choice is the backbone of any democracy. From today, students will have choice of awesome teaches in front of them. Our evolving algorithms will try to list down teachers in a logical order by analysing their student reviews, rating, number of sessions and availability. Students will be able to communicate with teachers, schedule sessions with them and hence identify the best fit for their specific learning requirements. We believe that this step of Vedantu will be pivotal in making learning ‘student driven’ for the very first time in human history!!

Automated Session Scheduling:


A true democracy works best when its people feel empowered and independent. Today, we are empowering our users with exhaustive tools to schedule and manage learning sessions between them. Students, Teachers will now be able to send session requests to each other, can modify and freeze schedules. System is built intelligent enough to identify conflicts with existing schedules. And not just this, all upcoming sessions can now be tracked on an intuitive calendar.



We understand that for effective teaching and better understanding, continuous communication between student teacher is very important. We have built in Live Chat and Offline Messaging feature! We believe that it will really help both teachers and students understand their requirements better and hence will lead to better learning for students. A dedicated App is in the making to truly break boundaries of communication between our users.

Curriculum and Test Results Tracking:

We know that teaching learning happens best when it is planned prior in detail. To enable our teachers to plan and track better, we are introducing Curriculum Creation and Tracking Tools. Also, teachers will be able to track students performance on Tests shared with Students.

Internally, we called this feature set buildup as – Project Morpheus. Here is an insiders peek into how we had fun building up these awesome features for our users 🙂


This is just the starting, we are innovating at a feverish pace at our end to make Teaching and Learning an awesome experience for you all. We would love to hear more from you. Feel free to share your feedback with us at, we would love to incorporate your thoughts and ideas.

Happy Learning!

We just crossed 1000hrs of learning!

Wohoo!! We recently went past 1000 hrs of learning on vedantu which makes us super proud and of course marks an important milestone in our journey. It goes a long way in validating our strong belief in the effectiveness of Live 1-to-1 Tutoring and its potential to disrupt the way teaching – learning happens in the world.

With increase in usage we are now able to capture and analyse a lot of minute user insights more effectively, which drives us to continuously evolve towards building a groundbreaking teaching and learning experience.

What excites us the most is the kind of stories Vedantu is empowering each day. From making learning much more personalised for a student who couldn’t grasp concepts in a crowded classroom to connecting a student in a remote part of the country with an awesome teacher – the stories are awe inspiring. This is what keeps us moving at feverish pace each and every moment.

We have tried to capture how 1000 hours have panned out on Vedantu with an infographic. Have a look 🙂


We truly believe that Vedantu is onto something really big. We believe that Vedantu, at one end, will be instrumental in making learning a really engaging and personal experience, and at other end will be instrumental in creating awesome teachers out of normal human beings who just love to share knowledge. A revolution which will democratise knowledge in true sense.



Launching the New Vedantu

Hello! we have some really exciting things to share with you!

Little heads up, we have had action-packed and amazing last two months with over 200 sessions and 250 hours of learning in such a short span of time and this makes us ever so confident that Vedantu will completely change the mode of teaching and learning in India and beyond!

First things First: From Closed Alpha to Open Beta


Till now Vedantu was in a closed alpha phase. We learned (a lot) from the usage behaviour during this phase and have made a lot of improvements to help you teach and learn better. From today we are moving out of closed Alpha and launching Vedantu’s Beta Phase with a brand New Site! From today, we are also opening ourselves to new users. Yes! Vedantu will now allow users to Sign Up to the site, which means you can now very well refer Vedantu to your friends, relatives… anyone whom you feel can gain from the learning online, live and anytime, anywhere 🙂

Launching Concept and Topic Booster Packages


We saw a whooping 86% students booking sessions on Vedantu to learn an entire Concept or a Topic. To cater to this requirement, we are now introducing Concept/Topic Booster Packages. You can now enrol to these packages and learn an entire Concept or Topic taught live by a Teacher according to a detailed plan set personally for you. Don’t worry if you don’t find a Package on the Concept you want to learn -.just give your learning requirement to us and we will create a Custom Package precisely for your need.

A completely New Look, Design and Logo


Going towards open beta meant vedantu will now be out in the open for everyone to judge and understand what we stand for. So we decided to completely rethink our look and feel to perfectly match what we wanted to be perceived as : Young, Creative, Vibrant and Personalised. We followed a very interesting approach in re-designing the site and the logo and included a lot of our users in the process. New site wears the new look – do check it out  (we think it looks slick). You can learn more about our Design Process in our Design Blog here.

This is just the starting, we are innovating at a feverish pace at our end to make Teaching and Learning an awesome experience for you all. We would love to hear more from you. Feel free to share your feedback with us at, we would love to incorporate your thoughts and ideas.

Happy Learning!

Kudos! We hit 100 sessions


V have hit our Maiden Century today!! Moments ago we clocked our 100th session on Vedantu! 🙂

And it is you guys who have made this possible. A BIG Heartfelt Thanks from the entire team of Vedans. You are Super Awesome!

What started as a simple attempt to see whether Personalised study is possible online has come a long way in establishing the effectiveness and supremacy of this medium. We have been overwhelmed with the kind of response we received and the benefits our students said they experienced using Vedantu.
We have tried to capture all the awesomeness of the first 100 sessions in the below –


What gets us really charged up is the usage behaviour – be it online sessions running for an average of almost 2 hrs/session, to students taking classes at 11.30 in the night, we have teachers teaching from IIT-Delhi to students from Hyderabad and to even smaller towns. The possibilities is what makes us believe that this truly is a start of a revolution which is permanently going to change the way we humans will teach and learn in future. Its been just over 45 days for our launch and the pace at which we hit our 100 mark is also a testimony to the fact that students absolutely loved getting that personalised help on Vedantu.

This is just a start and as Robert Frost says in his poem ” Miles to go Before I sleep …“. V would continue to learn and evolve and we really look up to you guys to guide us with your valuable feedback and inputs.

V again thank you for your engagement, continued patronage and placing your trust on a new system. You, being the first few are (and always will be) quite special to us as the early users of Vedantu, who shaped it up for what it will be in the future!


So here’s to us and the future of education!


Teachers, The Real Superheroes


In almost like a blink in earth’s long history, we humans have risen from being a bunch of scattered cave dwellers to dominating the planet today! Ever wondered what made us humans travel this remarkable journey of evolution? It’s our ability to accumulate and share knowledge and culture from generation to generation.

It is because of our this ability to share and learn that an accidental discovery of fire or invention of wheel in one part of the world by one of our human ancestors could be transferred to others and over generations got further developed upon.

And it was relatively quite recent when we humans formalised this process of sharing knowledge over to future generations and concept of formal Teachers and Gurus was born. And as human civilisation kept accumulating more and more sophisticated knowledge, role of Teachers became more and more important. In fact, our ancestors in India recognised the role and power of a Teacher as supreme:



Guru (Teacher) is the creator, Guru is the preserver, Guru is the destroyer

Guru (Teacher) is the supreme knowledge holder, Salutation to that Guru (Teacher)

Teachers are the real Super Heroes of today’s fast changing world.

Today, Teachers not just transfer knowledge but go a long way in instilling the right set of attitude and aptitude in coming generations to lead an effective and meaningful life.

Teachers teach us to understand the complex world we live in today, to solve problems and to further communicate what we now know. Teachers instil curiosity in our minds on one side and motivate us to pursue the unknown. Teachers at one end help us find direction in life and also give us confidence to dream beyond what is visible.

Today, on this eve of Teachers Day, we at Vedantu salute the real Super Heroes of the modern world – TEACHERS – they come in multiple avatars, and with their powers they shape us to shape the world for the better today and tomorrow.

On this day lets pay tribute to this Super hero who all of us have come across in our lives, in fact we have put on the mask of this Super Hero ourselves multiple times. This day is a tribute to that SUPERPOWER which helps human race Evolve.

This day is for our Teachers.

Happy Teachers Day