Digital Marketing in EdTech



What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a process of integrating various online marketing channels to attract, engage and convert customers on the web. Some of the major online marketing channels such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) are being used by brands to connect with potential customers and amplify overall marketing performance.

A successful digital marketing strategy is the optimal use of various online marketing channels to implement both words ‘Digital’ and ‘Marketing’ in harmony. While basic marketing principles still apply in every aspect of digital marketing, this shouldn’t be considered “just another” new marketing channel. Digital Marketing is a refreshingly new data-driven marketing approach to better understand your potential customers and offers unique solutions to their needs.

 The importance of Digital Marketing:

It’s a reality that the world is shifting from analog to digital at a very rapid pace, people are adopting digital as a part of their time and consuming more and more content every day on mobile phones, laptops, TV and other digital devices.

The top most reason of adopting digital as core marketing strategy is the scalability, measurability, and complete control. Rather than conducting expensive customer research and survey, you can quickly compare the customer response rate and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign in real time.

Digital Marketing at Vedantu:

At Vedantu, being a leading online tutoring company in India for 4th-12th grade, we understand that choosing the best teacher is not a cake-walk for parents. In our mission to democratize education, connect the students with teachers, who offer a range of courses for smart, effective and affordable learning.

Since our inception in the online tutoring vertical, we have witnessed the highest adoption rate for online learning in both students and their parents. We have tried to amalgamate various customer touch points to entice interest, engage, convert and re-engage customers. With the effective use of various digital communication mediums, including and not limiting to SEO, social media, and affiliate and email marketing. We are in constant touch with students and parents to keep them informed of the various key takeaways for them.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Parents and students are using the Internet to search best courses and teachers. We are trusted by various search engines and prominently visible on top keywords by offering informative and useful courses/content about online learning.
  • Social Media Channels:  At Vedantu, we believe that social media should be a place to engage with your potential customers by being a part of their everyday conversation. Our potential customers are frequently using social media and communicating with us regarding upcoming courses/ teachers etc. We feel proud to have more than 100K people connected with us on our different social media channels.
  •  Other Digital Marketing Activities: In order to make online learning possible for everyone and to reach out to the wide audience, we have associated with top network publishers like Google, Yahoo and many more to offer enough palatable content for their needs.
  • Personalized Communication – We are effectively communicating with parents and students by sending them personalized email and text message communication about the upcoming courses, new offerings and best teachers at Vedantu.

Today, Indian education system is no longer bounded to classroom learnings.  The rapid amplification in internet connectivity has been an important catalyst in the growth of online learning in India. With the Indian internet users are expected to reach 300 million by 2017, a large number of parents and students are still using the Internet for the first time from their mobile phone, this can be an ideal, personalized and best way to enable online learning accessible for everyone and we, at Vedantu, believe the D-day isn’t too far to reach!

P.S. – Stay tuned for next post on Social Media Marketing.

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