Can Video Games Improve Learning?

When we talk about the video games, an image of couch potatoes, teenage quarrels, scolding and a lot of crazy activities come to our mind. For most of the people, the video gaming hampers the brain growth of the children and make them less attentive and lazy. Has anyone ever thought of the positive side of it? It can be a real trailblazing when taken up in moderation and with an optimistic approach. Video games can be used as a teaching tool to strengthen the learning. These games train the brain to think quick, build a few qualities and develop intellectual skills that improve the learning efficacy in the children.



Let’s take a look at the advantages of the video games in improving learning outcomes for kids.

  • Games like Cityville gives the aim to complete various targets in a defined time period.  At any given point of time, players have to build the city and maintain the welfare of the citizens. Player(s) need to manage the finances and upgrade the activities. Such tasks incorporate the accounting and strategic planning skills in the children. A child’s interest in such games shows his aspirations in economics, engineering, designing, etc.

  • Most multi-players games require a coordinated action to achieve the goal collectively or players have to compete against each other to finish the stage. It tests the social responsibility and team spirit of the child. Such games encourage harmonized communication among the peers and refine the child as a social person. While competing against another player, kids experience the virtual competition, which promotes the urge to excel and the spirit of winning.

  • NFS, car racing and other games that are based on speed and time, advance the integrity of the visual reflections and mental command. A child with such skills greatly reduces his/her reaction time and becomes a better performer with quick thinking and disciplined working.

  • Games encourage introspection and enhance self-worth in children. Away from the sight and instructions of parents, the child performs at an individual level. It makes them more responsible for the actions and the decisions they make.  They take up challenges and a victory in those activities boosts their confidence. On the other hand, losing the same challenge prepare them for critical thinking and re-evaluation of the previous actions. Altogether, a child becomes a good decision maker and a fine analyst.

  • Just as examinations, games also provides instructions in the beginning to direct the player about the working of the system. Gradually, it becomes a practice for the child to read the instructions and move forward accordingly. This help them increase the grasping and analyzing powers and makes them concentrate more on their studies.

  • Some virtual quizzes and tests give a detailed analysis of the child’s performance. The data helps in finding the weaker section, as well as the strengths of the child, which help identify the possible steps can be taken to work on the problem areas. It is an effective tool for both the parents and teachers to understand the difficulties faced by the children that retard his/her performance.

  • Games also have a calming effect on the mind. It keeps the child away from the stressful environment and inculcates the positivity. It boosts the concentration, sharpens the mental ability and also maintains the physical well-being. It is basically a bi-directional learning. It brings the play and work at balance.

  • Games also improve the reading, technical and problem-solving skills. Educational games also develop spatial thinking and enhances mental coordination. It makes the entire learning process easy and entertaining for the children.

we have only listed some very basic advantages of video games to help you clear your mental block. There are many others to explore.

We, as parents, should definitely encourage our children to occasionally spend some time on video games, but make sure that this doesn’t become an addiction for them. We need to make sure that a child is not spending too much of his/her playtime on a video game. Excess of anything has a deleterious effect, so as this. We need to make sure that we know the boundaries well and keep our kids healthy and safe.

Let your children learn in a playful mood and gain wisdom!



5 Comments on “Can Video Games Improve Learning?”

  1. p2d2 says:

    Reblogged this on The Modern Gamer: Father, Husband and the Family and commented:
    As much as I would like to agree with this. Parents shouldn’t support their kids playing games simply because it will “enhance them”, but do it as an activity here and there as a family. Gaming is an experience that should be picked up later in a child’s life. I might be reading this article wrong, but it feels like an advocacy to get kids into gaming early. Not really cool with that. I know, that sounds odd coming from me…


    • Piya says:

      Hey P2d2,
      We completely agree with your point, and that’s where we cautioned all the parents to keep a tight eye on the kids. The article primarily aims to break the wrong notions majority of parents have regarding video gaming.

      Liked by 1 person

    • p2d2 says:

      I see where you are coming from. My perspective does seem different and I’m glad you give respect to that. My overall concern is age of exposure. As we see so many children using cell phones and playing games on them at such a young age, bothers me sometimes. I fully admit, my child does use the phone; which has been getting steadily controlled by myself and my wife. Clearly, videogames is my bread and butter. But I’d much more prefer she try them with us, much later and enjoy her toys, playtime, etc, for the time being; vice the phone.

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  2. Piya says:

    Hey P2d2,

    We are in complete agreement with you. We also want kids to enjoy their childhood with toys and games rather than just the video games and mobile devices. But yes, as you pointed, exposure to these devices under guidance of parents at an appropriate age, would definitely help them develop some great skills.


  3. zainsgaming says:

    I agree with both points here. Video games have had a significant impact on my life, both socially and mentally. World of Warcraft allowed me to have friends when I didn’t have any local friends. I also gained confidence and leadership experience when I lead a guild and 40 man raids.
    Additionally, gamers are able to track more objects visually than non-gamers, and gamers are also better that tracking patterns. Choice based games provide opportunities for the players to make choices and deal with the consequences. These are just a few of the examples I can recall at the moment.

    I also agree with P2D2, that these shouldn’t be forced on kids, or allowed with no restrictions. But I realize that wasn’t your intent either.


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