Vedantu at The Kranky Geek WebRTC!

If you follow us on our social channels, you must be aware that recently Vedantu took part and showcased its work in WebRTC technology in The Kranky Geek WebRTC event held in Bangalore.

At Vedantu, we use WebRTC to power the LIVE sessions between a teacher and a student. This is a powerful technology that’s shaping up to change the way we connect with each other online. Our goal is to provide a seamless and immersive learning experience to the students at Vedantu and connect them at scale with the teachers. We started with the p2p model of WebRTC, that connects a teacher to a student, learnt a lot scaling it up and operating under fluctuating network conditions in India. We are now experimenting with MediaServer to power our 1-to-few model where a small group of students learns from a teacher in the utmost personalized way.

As the WebRTC landscape continues to evolve, it can be hard for developers to keep up with the pace.  The Kranky Geek WebRTC event aims to fill in the gaps and jump-start the knowledge about WebRTC and the ever-changing landscape of communications online. In this talk at Kranky Geek, we shared our journey at Vedantu in building an online educational platform using WebRTC. Here’s Vedantu’s presentation in the event for you all to have a look –

Also, here is the video presentation by Vedantu –

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