Top 5 Resolutions Student Should Pick Up this Year

New Year is approaching and the first thing asked on the New Year is your resolution for the year. If you’ve still not chosen your New Year resolution, you are at perfect place. We have listed here Top 5 resolutions for a student. We hope you’ll find them handy in choosing yours.

1- Be more organized

Stay Organized.gifTake the resolution to be more organized. More organized in your daily dealing, more organized with your homework and more organized with your closet. Make your study and day’s schedules and stick to them.

2- Stop procrastinating


We all procrastinate, try saying no to procrastination this year. Make sure you ‘Just Do It’ than looking for a ‘good’ day to start doing it. Start your day by making the ‘To Do’ list for the day and make sure you strike the list as the day passes by.

3- Choose to be healthy

Eat healthy.gif

Had enough of ‘junk food’ last year? Make sure you resolve to say ‘No’ to junk food this year. Eating healthy food keeps your mind fresh and helps you concentrate better.

4-Take a break from social media


Last year you gained a lot of followers on your twitter account? This year, go slow. Social media is becoming a distraction day by day. Most students spend a lot of time on social media, which hampers their concentration and performance in long run. Keep a check on your time devoted for social media this year and see the improvement in your grades.

5- Take up a hobby and nail it!


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you were engrossed too much into the work last year, take up a hobby or extra-curricular activity and resolve to stick to it year-long. Hobbies make you relax a bit in the regular & monotonous schedule. This, not only makes you concentrate better in your curricular activities but also makes you learn a new thing.

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