Learn On the Go – Take LIVE Sessions on Mobile!


We have all seen how the Internet changed the way we teach and learn. It came as a boon for the students and enabled them to learn things with a little help and explore the unreachable. What do you think the impact will be when your personal teacher can teach you right on our Android device? When you’ll be able to take a LIVE personalized online tuition session from your mobile device even when you are away from your PC and enjoying a sleepover at a friend’s house. Wouldn’t it be revolutionary?

That’s exactly what ‘Mobile Team’ at Vedantu was working on all this while. We have created a first of its kind, two-way, real-time audio and data communication system for your Android devices.  This would allow students & teachers to receive and deliver learning sessions seamlessly over a mobile device respectively. This is a step towards making the entire teaching-learning experience even more personalized and pleasant.

The new feature is well integrated into our already-live Vedantu App and comes with some add-on

Along with giving you freedom to take LIVE sessions anytime and anywhere (yes, we are talking literally here :)), the improved app will also offer –

  • In-app reminder notifications before the start of each session on mobile
  • Best mobile experience on all screen sizes (be it tablets, phablets or mobile)
  • Seamless performance, even on low-end devices
  • Smoother interactions over audio communication and whiteboard

We are sure, it can’t get any convenient & simpler than this; all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps –

1 – Download the Vedantu App from Google Play Store

Vedantu's App in Play Store

You can download Vedantu app from Play Store. If you have it downloaded to your Android already, all you have to do is – update the app to use all the new functionalities.

2- Go to ‘My Sessions’ section


You can choose the ‘My sessions’ section from the main menu to see the active and upcoming sessions. While the upcoming sessions will show the scheduled date for the session, a scheduled active session will have a ‘Join Now’ option.

3 – Join the Session & Learn


Live Session on Mobile

A Glimpse of Whiteboard in Use

You can start a scheduled session with your personal teacher at vedantu with just a click on ‘Join Now’ button. You can communicate via audio and use the whiteboard both for sharing your doubts and understanding the concept your teacher will be teaching. The best part is, you can now upload pictures directly on the whiteboard while in the LIVE session.

Here is a Video that makes understanding the process super easy.

We encourage all of you to take the sessions on your Android devices and share the feedback, we’ll be all ears for suggestions.


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