6 Ways to Improve Students’ Concentration

This article will provide some useful tips to improve the concentration level of students and will be valuable to both parents and students.

I still remember the time when I felt highly embarrassed when the teacher threw a chalk at me because I dozed off in the class. This may be a small incident which have been erased from everyone’s mind, but later during the time of exams I realised that if I had been able to concentrate better that day I would have been able to answer one more question correctly and scored higher marks.

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If all students speak out honestly, they would definitely say that studying is one of their biggest enemies during school life. Who wants to concentrate in the class when you can chat with your best friends about a new video game or episodes of Shaktimaan (which, of course, was a popular topic in our school days)? Often it may happen that you have very little interest in a subject, say history, and you don’t even try hard to have a grasp on the subject.

Teachers would often complain to parents and parents would discuss among themselves about how their children are not concentrating on studies. This is a common headache among most parents. With so many distractions nowadays from different sources, lack of concentration in studies among students is becoming a prime concern for many parents. Isn’t it surprising, how easily students also, can keep reading their favourite comic books till the end and keep watching a favourite TV show for hours but cannot put the same amount of concentration in studies. But, with some determination and effective study techniques one can achieve greater concentration abilities.

Here are 6 ways through which a student can increase his/her concentration:

1- Remove all distractions during study hours


As researches say, the major reason that students cannot give their full attention to studies is distraction. Distraction can come in any form and from any source. That new comic book or video game you bought, keep it locked until you have completed studying. Otherwise, you may be tempted to read it or play. Nowadays, the most common type of distraction comes from electronic devices. So keep your mobile phones and tablets away from your study room while studying. Unless your study topic requires you the use of a computer, make sure you do not have one near or on the study table. Computers are one of the biggest distractions, making you waste time without even realising it.

2- Find the perfect study environment


The ambience of a study room greatly affects the way you study. Does the room get very little natural lighting or is it facing towards a busy road? Make sure that you do not get external distractions which affect your studies. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to studying. Some students like studying in a quiet environment while some prefer background music to improve their concentration. Try experimenting with different places until you find the ambience that perfectly fits you.

3-Make a good study routine


The first step towards taking your studies seriously is making a good study routine and when you take your studies seriously, concentrating becomes a lot easier. So prepare a study routine that will help you able to study effectively. Ask your parents or teachers for help in making this routine. You must be able to utilise your time in such a way that you do not get bored and have enough breaks. According to studies, a person can concentrate for around 45 minutes on any single subject. So after every hour of studies include at least 10 – 20 minutes of break time. Try to study the difficult subjects in the morning as this is the time when the brain is most active and fresh.

4- Try meditation


Meditation is a great way to relax your mind and refresh your senses. If your brain is too much worked up, its level of concentration drops and it makes it very difficult to study. You can utilise simple meditation techniques like closing your eyes and focusing on a single objective. It will help you to relax your overloaded mind.

5- Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle (2)

If your body does not allow you to focus on your studies, then it is useless for you to even try. Maintain a balanced diet so that your brain gets all the requisite nutrients, allowing you to concentrate properly. Avoid junk and spicy food as far as possible and include more fruits and juices to your diet. Sleep is also very important for concentrating better in studies. Children and teenagers need at least 8 hours of sound sleep to reenergise their body and mind. It also helps you to be fresh all day long and keeps you awake in classes so that you do not miss those important topics.

6- Play games that require concentration

It has been scientifically proved that playing puzzles and other brain games help students to improve their concentration. You can try playing math games and other puzzles. You will find many such games online. Utilise your free time by playing those games instead of other games that create stress and harm your eyes.

By following a good study pattern and utilising the above tips a student can hugely improve their concentration skills. This will come in handy while preparing for your examinations. Remember, that a successful result in exams is the sum of all those bits of well-concentrated preparation that you made before the exams. And when you are successful in your exams, it will clear your path for good career opportunities in the future.

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2 Comments on “6 Ways to Improve Students’ Concentration”

  1. Siva Kumar says:

    Hi, following these tips helps us improve our concentration. Its very useful to prepare for the upcoming board exam. I now have an idea to improve my concentration


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