What Happens in Goa Stays in Goa

Although everyone keep repeating the same phrase. We bring you all the insider stories of Vedantu’s first corporate retreat in Goa!!!

Goa trip was long awaited among Vedans as it was also a celebration of 10,000 teaching-learning hours milestone achieved. The journey started with assembling of all excited Vedans at our office complex, from where super fun vroomed off in a Multi-axle, semi-sleeper bus.

bus Journey  On the wayBus FunBus Singing

As the entire gang reached the resort, everyone was relaxed to see the great arrangements done for the arrival of the biggest bunch of vacationers in the resort.

Lotus blooming on the way pool  Resortpool table Resort night

After relaxing for a while and having the much-needed supper to cope-up with the 14-hrs long journey, the beans of team-building event were spilled. We had super talented guys from Mumbai to conduct some really fun and engaging team activities. Here are some pictures from the event (these are just a glimpse of the fun we had at the activities)

teambuildingteambuilding2team building3

WIPwinning teamentire teamteambuilding1

The day ended with a pool volleyball match and a sumptuous dinner that followed.Dinner Dinner1 Pool Party Dinner2

The following two days were a complete treat for everyone with beach trips, scooter rides, tattoos, disco night, beach volleyball matches, shopping, and sightseeing.

beach vollyball team Beach Beach1  First Glimps beach2Shopping  scooter rides shopping1

party1after party

The retreat was a fueling up session for the coming up action on Vedantu. After the retreat, each Vedan is filled with an all new zeal to reach up for the skies!!

One Comment on “What Happens in Goa Stays in Goa”

  1. sindhushereef22 says:

    Nice celebration for your achievement of 10,000 hours Teaching and Learning. Excellent work…keep it up


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