How to Cut Down Your Homework Time

Homework is not Evil, You Just Need to Do it RIGHT! Hey Folks! We know how boring it is to drudge yourself for homework. Homework always seems more, even when it is less. It consumes all of your time for playing, watching TV, meeting your buddies and all the stuff around it. Here in this post, we’ll let you know some really handy tips on how you can do your homework more efficiently and take out enough time for your family and yourself.

  • Make the War Plan Right

making-your-to-do-list-13557048 Whenever you receive the homework, UNDERSTAND it right. Make sure you note down the right stuff, you know what are you supposed to do in the homework. CLARIFY the doubts that you have right there with your teacher. You should also ask your teacher to guide you with time approximation for completing the homework.

  • Set a Right Spot to Do Your Work

study table Picking up a quiet and well-lit spot is very important when you start with your homework. A dull and noisy place would distract you and make you feel lazy. You should choose a table or a desk to work on – it keeps you alert, unlike sitting on your bed that makes you sleepy.

  • Be Motivated

motivation1 Pick the time of the day when you are most motivated – everyone has his/her own time when he/she is most motivated. If you are a little less motivated, do pick up the task that is easiest for you to finish up first – This will energize you and boost up your confidence and motivation. You can also queue up some of your favorite tunes to pump up your motivation.

  • Stay Away from Distractions

distraction The whole world seems to play a conspiracy to disturb you when you sit for finishing up your homework, isn’t it? Keep yourself away from all the potential disturbing elements before you sit back to do the most important part of your day. Switch off your PC/laptop if you don’t require it in your homework. If your PC is essential, only keep relevant tabs open… strictly, no cheating here! Say ‘NO’ to social networking websites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are really interesting sites to visit, but surely not during your homework time. Keep your mobile on silent mode – texts, WhatsApp messages and promotional emails keep ringing the mobile, make sure you avoid keeping your phone nearby when you do your homework. Let your friends and family know you are working, excuse yourself for some time and you can join them once you are done with your homework. Keep your stationary, schoolbag, notes and textbooks handy, so that you don’t have to get up again and again. This would increase your efficiency and keep you pumped up for the next task.

  • Take Breaks

Break Keep some breathers for yourself between major assignments. Give yourself a break to enjoy some snacks – this will shoot up your energy levels and keep you going for the work ahead. You can stretch a bit during the break to give some rest to your back. Do make sure you don’t end up taking too many or too frequent breaks 🙂 We believe these five pointers will help you concentrate more on your homework and help you finish it up quickly and efficiently. Don’t forget to give us a HIGH FIVE if it’s of your help. You can also share tips that work well with you in the comment section below. Image Credits – Google Images

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