Introducing Choice of Teachers!

It’s been around 6 months and we at Vedantu have seen overwhelming response from Students, Parents and Teachers. It has been a thrilling ride so far and we are ever so pumped about the tremendous potential of disruption in education that lies ahead. It has been our constant endeavour to personalize and democratize learning and today marks a major milestone in this journey.

After days of conceptualising and ideation, weeks of rigorous building and rebuilding, intense testing and prototyping, today, we are rolling out what we believe is by far our biggest step in truly democratizing knowledge.
We are giving more power to both our students and teachers in this feature release. Power of choice to Students – they will now be able to browse awesome teachers on Vedantu, communicate with them to find the best match with their specific learning requirements. Teachers are our superheroes – we are empowering them with tools to manage their students and teaching better! Teachers can now directly communicate with their students on Vedantu, and can schedule and manage their sessions.

Teacher listing and search:


We at Vedantu have a broader vision to democratize knowledge. And choice is the backbone of any democracy. From today, students will have choice of awesome teaches in front of them. Our evolving algorithms will try to list down teachers in a logical order by analysing their student reviews, rating, number of sessions and availability. Students will be able to communicate with teachers, schedule sessions with them and hence identify the best fit for their specific learning requirements. We believe that this step of Vedantu will be pivotal in making learning ‘student driven’ for the very first time in human history!!

Automated Session Scheduling:


A true democracy works best when its people feel empowered and independent. Today, we are empowering our users with exhaustive tools to schedule and manage learning sessions between them. Students, Teachers will now be able to send session requests to each other, can modify and freeze schedules. System is built intelligent enough to identify conflicts with existing schedules. And not just this, all upcoming sessions can now be tracked on an intuitive calendar.



We understand that for effective teaching and better understanding, continuous communication between student teacher is very important. We have built in Live Chat and Offline Messaging feature! We believe that it will really help both teachers and students understand their requirements better and hence will lead to better learning for students. A dedicated App is in the making to truly break boundaries of communication between our users.

Curriculum and Test Results Tracking:

We know that teaching learning happens best when it is planned prior in detail. To enable our teachers to plan and track better, we are introducing Curriculum Creation and Tracking Tools. Also, teachers will be able to track students performance on Tests shared with Students.

Internally, we called this feature set buildup as – Project Morpheus. Here is an insiders peek into how we had fun building up these awesome features for our users 🙂


This is just the starting, we are innovating at a feverish pace at our end to make Teaching and Learning an awesome experience for you all. We would love to hear more from you. Feel free to share your feedback with us at, we would love to incorporate your thoughts and ideas.

Happy Learning!

2 Comments on “Introducing Choice of Teachers!”

  1. Ruching singh says:

    I am searching a teacher of 7th std those can handle science and maths


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