EXAMS: How to Be Positive About It


EXAMINATION ….. Whenever, I ask any student about the synonyms of this word, the few answers which I usually get are: terror, nightmare, no play and all studies. Every student wishes if they had the power to delete it from their curriculum structure. Buy Why? What’s so terrifying about exams?
Answer: ‘Exams are exams after all!!!’

Personally, I feel exams are very important in life. Every step of life is faced by an exam. So , what if you are facing exams for your learning in the school. Dear young friends, exams are to be taken in a sporting manner. Don’t take it as a competition. I hope once you start taking it lightly, it will be less of a burden for you. But don’t get extra light with it, I hope you know what I mean!!

Following are few small tips which we can follow for any exams:

Be Mentally Prepared:
Preparing for examination does not mean just studying for it. It begins with mentally preparing yourself for it. On top of it, imagine a scenario where exams are around the corner and you are not prepared for it, at all. I would suggest, do not panic. Do not think of failure, as thinking of failure will surely lead to failure. Do not think about the result, whether you will pass or fail, just think that what should be done to give your maximum input. Focus on the goal, and not the result of exam.

Make a time table:
First of all, make a time table for yourself. Check quickly if you are fully loaded with your notes and material. Because, if you are not, then there always will be a state of panic during the last days. Then, make a perfect determination of following the time table and following it religiously. ‘Come what may, I may not deter from it’, should be your voice from heart deep within. Believing is half a leap to your goal. It costs nothing to do that, so why not do it right away.

Start working towards your goal:
After making time table and strong determination, is to start working towards it. Start following your time table. Just imagine, how the people who study medicines would be meeting their target. With fully trusting your abilities to follow the timetable just Get, Set, Goooooo.

Attack your syllabus, part by part:
Think it of as a war, where what happens once you face the complete army or face the army part by part.

Know what is important for exams:
Now, while studying, be wise enough to know what is important from exam point of view. Give more time to those topics and type of questions. I know, those things may be important in long run, but thinking about the short term goal, stay focussed on important things only.

Stay away from distractions:
Not to say, leave all fun activities for few last days. Be it movies, songs, parties, get-togethers, Facebook, WhatsApp, long chats over phones and all parallel things which are too easy to divert you from your goal.

Some general instructions:
You can follow some general instructions as well. Take a sound sleep and take rest. Periodic rest is best for test. Remember, sound mind and health is very important for a better result. Go through some previous year papers and sample papers. That will surely give you a hint of important topics, if not questions. Study periodically and consider exams as a natural phenomenon in the event called LIFE. Believe you me, cool minded average student will score better than a tension filled good student. After all, it’s all a game of your mind.

So don’t panic, stay calm, give your best shot and with full confidence prepare for your exams and enter the exam hall with your parent’s blessings. I’m sure, success will be yours.




5 Comments on “EXAMS: How to Be Positive About It”

  1. Good points. I myself did the timetable routine. Helped me immensely to stay structured.
    One point I would like to add is to stay on top of the syllabus throughout the course . If you stay caught up as the course progresses the final exam will definitely be a breeze since all you will be doing is brushing up on what you already know.
    Exams are always a nightmare (years and years later I still dream about certain subject exams ), but the smarter you are about conquering the art behind it. ..the less apprehensive you will be.
    Kudos Reema!

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  2. Sundar Raj says:

    Hi,Thank you for sharing nice blog. I’ve been reading the entire blog throughout the day today.It’s very useful to prepare coming board exam.Now I got an idea to prepare exam

    Liked by 2 people

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