We just crossed 1000hrs of learning!

Wohoo!! We recently went past 1000 hrs of learning on vedantu which makes us super proud and of course marks an important milestone in our journey. It goes a long way in validating our strong belief in the effectiveness of Live 1-to-1 Tutoring and its potential to disrupt the way teaching – learning happens in the world.

With increase in usage we are now able to capture and analyse a lot of minute user insights more effectively, which drives us to continuously evolve towards building a groundbreaking teaching and learning experience.

What excites us the most is the kind of stories Vedantu is empowering each day. From making learning much more personalised for a student who couldn’t grasp concepts in a crowded classroom to connecting a student in a remote part of the country with an awesome teacher – the stories are awe inspiring. This is what keeps us moving at feverish pace each and every moment.

We have tried to capture how 1000 hours have panned out on Vedantu with an infographic. Have a look 🙂


We truly believe that Vedantu is onto something really big. We believe that Vedantu, at one end, will be instrumental in making learning a really engaging and personal experience, and at other end will be instrumental in creating awesome teachers out of normal human beings who just love to share knowledge. A revolution which will democratise knowledge in true sense.



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