Launching the New Vedantu

Hello! we have some really exciting things to share with you!

Little heads up, we have had action-packed and amazing last two months with over 200 sessions and 250 hours of learning in such a short span of time and this makes us ever so confident that Vedantu will completely change the mode of teaching and learning in India and beyond!

First things First: From Closed Alpha to Open Beta


Till now Vedantu was in a closed alpha phase. We learned (a lot) from the usage behaviour during this phase and have made a lot of improvements to help you teach and learn better. From today we are moving out of closed Alpha and launching Vedantu’s Beta Phase with a brand New Site! From today, we are also opening ourselves to new users. Yes! Vedantu will now allow users to Sign Up to the site, which means you can now very well refer Vedantu to your friends, relatives… anyone whom you feel can gain from the learning online, live and anytime, anywhere 🙂

Launching Concept and Topic Booster Packages


We saw a whooping 86% students booking sessions on Vedantu to learn an entire Concept or a Topic. To cater to this requirement, we are now introducing Concept/Topic Booster Packages. You can now enrol to these packages and learn an entire Concept or Topic taught live by a Teacher according to a detailed plan set personally for you. Don’t worry if you don’t find a Package on the Concept you want to learn -.just give your learning requirement to us and we will create a Custom Package precisely for your need.

A completely New Look, Design and Logo


Going towards open beta meant vedantu will now be out in the open for everyone to judge and understand what we stand for. So we decided to completely rethink our look and feel to perfectly match what we wanted to be perceived as : Young, Creative, Vibrant and Personalised. We followed a very interesting approach in re-designing the site and the logo and included a lot of our users in the process. New site wears the new look – do check it out  (we think it looks slick). You can learn more about our Design Process in our Design Blog here.

This is just the starting, we are innovating at a feverish pace at our end to make Teaching and Learning an awesome experience for you all. We would love to hear more from you. Feel free to share your feedback with us at, we would love to incorporate your thoughts and ideas.

Happy Learning!

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