Kudos! We hit 100 sessions


V have hit our Maiden Century today!! Moments ago we clocked our 100th session on Vedantu! 🙂

And it is you guys who have made this possible. A BIG Heartfelt Thanks from the entire team of Vedans. You are Super Awesome!

What started as a simple attempt to see whether Personalised study is possible online has come a long way in establishing the effectiveness and supremacy of this medium. We have been overwhelmed with the kind of response we received and the benefits our students said they experienced using Vedantu.
We have tried to capture all the awesomeness of the first 100 sessions in the below –


What gets us really charged up is the usage behaviour – be it online sessions running for an average of almost 2 hrs/session, to students taking classes at 11.30 in the night, we have teachers teaching from IIT-Delhi to students from Hyderabad and to even smaller towns. The possibilities is what makes us believe that this truly is a start of a revolution which is permanently going to change the way we humans will teach and learn in future. Its been just over 45 days for our launch and the pace at which we hit our 100 mark is also a testimony to the fact that students absolutely loved getting that personalised help on Vedantu.

This is just a start and as Robert Frost says in his poem ” Miles to go Before I sleep …“. V would continue to learn and evolve and we really look up to you guys to guide us with your valuable feedback and inputs.

V again thank you for your engagement, continued patronage and placing your trust on a new system. You, being the first few are (and always will be) quite special to us as the early users of Vedantu, who shaped it up for what it will be in the future!


So here’s to us and the future of education!


One Comment on “Kudos! We hit 100 sessions”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff Vedantu & Team!


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