Teachers, The Real Superheroes


In almost like a blink in earth’s long history, we humans have risen from being a bunch of scattered cave dwellers to dominating the planet today! Ever wondered what made us humans travel this remarkable journey of evolution? It’s our ability to accumulate and share knowledge and culture from generation to generation.

It is because of our this ability to share and learn that an accidental discovery of fire or invention of wheel in one part of the world by one of our human ancestors could be transferred to others and over generations got further developed upon.

And it was relatively quite recent when we humans formalised this process of sharing knowledge over to future generations and concept of formal Teachers and Gurus was born. And as human civilisation kept accumulating more and more sophisticated knowledge, role of Teachers became more and more important. In fact, our ancestors in India recognised the role and power of a Teacher as supreme:



Guru (Teacher) is the creator, Guru is the preserver, Guru is the destroyer

Guru (Teacher) is the supreme knowledge holder, Salutation to that Guru (Teacher)

Teachers are the real Super Heroes of today’s fast changing world.

Today, Teachers not just transfer knowledge but go a long way in instilling the right set of attitude and aptitude in coming generations to lead an effective and meaningful life.

Teachers teach us to understand the complex world we live in today, to solve problems and to further communicate what we now know. Teachers instil curiosity in our minds on one side and motivate us to pursue the unknown. Teachers at one end help us find direction in life and also give us confidence to dream beyond what is visible.

Today, on this eve of Teachers Day, we at Vedantu salute the real Super Heroes of the modern world – TEACHERS – they come in multiple avatars, and with their powers they shape us to shape the world for the better today and tomorrow.

On this day lets pay tribute to this Super hero who all of us have come across in our lives, in fact we have put on the mask of this Super Hero ourselves multiple times. This day is a tribute to that SUPERPOWER which helps human race Evolve.

This day is for our Teachers.

Happy Teachers Day

One Comment on “Teachers, The Real Superheroes”

  1. Era Kaila says:

    Rightly said Sir!
    Thankyou for guiding me to the right path!
    Wherever I am today, I owe you much! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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